This site is a biography of Bill Bolton. We have another        site dedicated to exploring his ideas and philosophies.
Bill Bolton was born in Toledo, Ohio to father
William Roy Bolton and mother Eloise Brown Bolton. He spent the first years of his life in Bowling Green, Ohio 
until the age of 8 when he moved to Decatur, Georgia  with his mother and step father Bart DeCoster.
Bolton, while growing up, had on the mom's side, two
younger half sisters and, on the dad's side, three
half brothers and a step brother. 
      In 1966 Bill Bolton graduated from Briarcliff
High School. He then went on to Georgia Tech where he
earned degrees in Engineering Mechanics and ScienceCivil Engineering and a Master of Sanitation Engineering. Bolton graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology at the age of 26. 

  After college Bolton found himself drawn to the
newly emerging computer industry and began working in  the fields of momentum motors using microprocessors  and computer programming. 
Throughout the years Bolton
has done programming work for Battery Plus, MCI,
General Electric, Lundy Electronics, Southern Company,
Great Eastern Distributors, Phoenix Airlines, CNS
Bank, Sterling and Associates, and co-oped at NASA
during college. Bolton has also taught C++ programing
language at Kennesaw Continuing Ed, and Dekalb
Technical College. 
   In 1975 Bill Bolton married Mary Jean Muse and
later had two sons, William Bolton the IV, and Jarrett      Morgan Bolton. Bill and Mary Jean divorced in 1988.
Bill Bolton currently lives with his significant other
Beverly McMurray, whom he met in 1989. They live in
Marietta, GA. 
Since living in Marietta, Bill Bolton has been an
active member in the Cobb County Democratic Party
along with Beverly McMurray. He began his involvement
in 1997 and since then has run for Mayor of Marietta city
twice, once as a write-in, and once on the ballot.
Both campaigns were on a libertarian type platform to get the transit system from Atlanta up to Marietta.
Bolton won 22% of the vote in the second campaign.
Bolton also ran as a write-in for Governor in 2002 and ran as a Democrat in the Gubernatorial primary in 2006. In addition to other interestsBolton has
been locally involved in the local chapter of NOW 
(National Organization for Women). 
Bill Bolton